Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Meanest and Nicest Things From the Past Few Days

The other day, I was on BART, a crowded car, and a blind guy who I often see got on with his black lab guide dog. A bunch of us were already standing as there were no seats left, and someone (one of the standing people), asked the blind man if he'd like to sit down. He said, "If there's an available seat."

So the guy who asked looked at a man sitting in one of the seats and said, "Yeah, I think we can find one."

The guy in the seat stood up and got all huffy about it, saying, "Oh, are you an usher? I didn't realize there were ushers on BART. Do you want to find anyone else a seat? Maybe you'd like to find everyone a seat."

We rode along some, then he brought it up again, saying, "How do I get a job as an usher? I'd like to give away seats."

Dude, the guy was frickin' blind. Don't be such a jackass.

And then for the nicest thing I saw...(you'll have to click on it)

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